Download IBM i Spool Files to PC printers, Text ,Wiki and XML - Automatically !

Configure what you want to download.

The spool file filter options section of the extract configuration screen defines what you would like to download, how it is formatted and where you would like the file created.

The output file options enable you to define what the resulting file is named as and if you would like the spool file on the IBM i removed once processing has completed.

The following extract will search the QPRINT output Queue in QGPL and extract any current files and place them in the XML_Reports directory.

The application allows multiple systems to be configured so that spool files can be consolidated in one location.

Spool as XML


Within the application there is an executable which will enable you to use the task scheduler to run rules unattended. Depending on how this is configured all rules on a system can be run or individual rules can be scheduled.

No agent is required on the IBM i , so you will not have to jump thru hoops to get software installed on the IBM i server.

This application uses the native Host Servers which are a base option on IBM i. All you need on the IBM i is a user ID and password.

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