If you are looking for IBMi Change control software or you wish to replace your existing software you are in the right place.

MDCMS is a great fit for IBM i development shops that want to gain the benefits of clean, automated, and fully audited software deployments. It’s the go-to solution for organizations that are ready to migrate their development efforts to a modern change management software solution or handle additional workloads by bringing other platforms under change management.

Here are the key features of MDCMS:-


  • Azure DevOps pipeline Interface for MDCMS
  • Azure DevOps work item interface for MDCMS
  • Bamboo pipeline Interface for MDCMS
  • Continuous Interface from GIT
  • Gitlab Pipeline Interface for MDCMS
  • Jenkins Interface for MDCMS
  • Jira Interface for MDCMS
  • ServiceNow Interface for MDCMS
  • SYNON/2E Interface for MDCMS
  • X-Analysis Interface for MDCMS

Product Migration Tools

So you can hit the ground running when migrating from other legacy products, Midrange dynamics offer the following interfaces, developed with people wishing to change to a more comprehensive product:-

  • MDCMS Migration from Aldon/Rocket LMI
  • MDCMS Migration from Arcad
  • MDCMS Migration from MKS/PTC Implementer
  • MDCMS Migration from Turnover

MDCMS main features:-

  • MDXREF - Cross reference
  • MDCMS - Change Management
  • MDCMS - Project Management
  • MDSEC - Product Security
  • MDOPEN - Graphical user interface/RDi Interface
  • MDWorkFlow - Project Management and Test Acceptance WebApp interface

Check the details pages or contact us for a demonstration

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