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Via Email info at kdpsoftware.co.uk

GDPR - what we have done is to delete all contact/personal infomation from our servers. We are asking people who have a legitimate interest in any of our products to email our info address directly. That way you are in full control of the information you include in your email. We will delete anything you directly ask us to.

We will then only respond to your specific enquiry - if that comes to nothing we will delete your email address and/or only contact you if you subsequently email us again or ask for more information.

Our mail servers are hosted on a secured platform with SSL/TLS connections and that also includes spam and anti-virus protection.

All of our local PC's are protected by our partner's (Bitdefender) cloud based security software.

IBM i Security, Tools, development, Change Control and Support 

KDP Software Limited Tel: +44(0)845 0604123