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Oct 2013
IBM i Security

KDP Adds Enforcive/Field Encryption Product for IBM i Read more

Apr 2013
IBM i Security

KDP to attend Info Sec in London with Enforcive. Read more

Aug 2012
IBM i Change Management

KDP signs a distributor agreement with Midrange Dynamics of Zurich. Read more

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SysChecker Monitoring IBM i
monitoring IBM i

Using the Eclipse Based GUI, multiple systems can be monitored from one PC desktop. The user receives audio and visual warnings of problems, plus of course email alerts.

SysChecker will run silently in the background on your server checking the status of following components on your system:-....

  • Ping Other Machines and IP connected devices
  • User Id's(Enabled/Disabled)
  • Jobs (Active/MSGW etc.)
  • Controllers
  • Line descriptions
  • Output Queues
  • Distribution Queue
  • Files for number of records
  • CPU Threshold
  • DASD usage
  • Data area contents
  • Device descriptions
  • Library attributes
  • Port Activity
  • Sub-systems
  • Writers
  • Network Files
  • SNA jobs

When it finds one of your system components in an incorrect state, SysChecker will do one of the following, depending upon how you have it configured:-

  • Send a group of configured users a mesage
  • Send a group or single e-mail to configured users
  • Send an SNMP trap to the SNMP server - (as long a SNMP is configured and running)
  • Call a specified program to try and correct the condition

You no longer need to constantly watch your System i server, Syschecker will be monitoring it continually and pro-actively.