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Welcome to KDP Software

If you are looking for application development tools or utilities to manage and run your IBM i, iSeries or AS400 you have come to the right place, we offer tools and support in the UK and worldwide for the following products:-

IBM i Security

  • Application access control
  • Application audit
  • Application analyzer
  • System audit (QAUDJRN)
  • Inquiries
  • File audit
  • Message Queue audit
  • QHST audit
  • Central audit
  • Report generator
  • SQL statement audit
  • Alert center
  • User profile management
  • Object authorization manager
  • Session timout
  • Inactive user management
  • Security policy replication across partitions
  • Policy compliance manager
  • Field encryption
  • Field masking
  • Firewall
  • Cross platform audit
  • Password Self Service